24/7 IT Support Services in Toronto & GTA

Our Certified Technical Support Specialists will ensure your business operates smoothly 24/7. Using the latest industry leading technologies, we can help you increase efficiency and performance.

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How Our Helpdesk Experts Can Help You?

Our specialists provide full IT support services for all your needs, both remotely and on-site. If you seek technical assistance then we will:

  • Discuss all your inquiries and technical challenges over the phone or email and will assist in troubleshooting the issues.
  • Perform remote troubleshooting and virtual diagnostic support.
  • Determining the best solution based on the issue and details provided and walking you through the problem-solving process.
  • Identify and suggest possible improvements in procedures.
  • Schedule on-site IT support for any unresolved issues.

Our Clients

Small to Medium

(1-20 Employees)

Startups and small businesses from all industries need an IT service provider that will provide them with the stability and reliability to keep their business running smoothly. ITBizTek provides reliable IT managed services for small to medium sized companies.

Medium to Large

(20-50 Employees)

To keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly without the risk of losing valuable data, medium and large companies need a dependable IT company to support them, regardless of the industry. We provide consistent support for medium and large companies.


(50+ Employees)

It is essential for large enterprises to have a trusted IT service provider, no matter the industry. With consistent backups monitoring and 24/hour IT support, we ensure that large enterprises get the IT services they need to run their business smoothly.

IT Support & Troubleshooting Benefits

Our fast response ensures all IT matters are resolved quickly and efficiently, with no downtime. We support all commonly used applications and devices, including desktops, laptops, server operating systems and others.

IT Hotline Support

At ITBizTek, we’re proud of our prompt services, and our specialists are always available to address any issues that may arise in your daily operations. Our IT hotline will take your call immediately and ensure a technician addresses the matter quickly.

We’re known for our personalized IT support service and commitment to our clients. Our IT support in Toronto will assess and resolve IT problems as soon as they arise, so you can focus on your business.

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Solutions for All Your IT Issues

We offer a wide range of IT support services to suit your needs. We can provide you with support over the telephone and through remote access. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, our IT professionals will go directly to your site to resolve the issue. Our focus is customer satisfaction and quick response times.

We do our best to fix any problems as quickly as possible, and to prevent them from happening again in the future. We can tailor a support plan to suit your needs and budget. Our service plans cover technical support (we offer IT support 24/7) and/or maintenance services, as you desire. Contact us for more information.

Reliable After Hours Helpdesk

With ITBizTek, you can be sure that your company will receive secure and fast technical IT support service in Toronto, no matter when. Our advanced system streamlines our response time and ensures quick resolution of all your IT support issues.

We know that IT problems don’t necessarily occur during regular business hours, which is why we offer reliable and efficient after hours support. No matter what the issue, no matter when you need us, you can be sure our reliable technicians will assist you in all your IT matters.

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Full Business Applications Tech Support

We can tailor a service plan to suit your needs and budget for IT support and/or maintenance. Based on our assessment, we can determine the best cost-effective service plans that will fully support your day-to-day operations.

We offer technical training for your staff to increase the value of various business applications for your business. After your IT solutions are implemented, we are happy to provide you with maintenance and technical support, to the extent you desire, tailored to your business needs and budget.

Work Remotely Support

Work from home has never been easier to setup. Our experts are here to help your business run smoothly via remote work implementations and solutions.

  • 100% Remote Support – Get the support for any of your IT challenges 24/7 without having to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Cloud Setup – We’re here to assist you with all your data backups, migrations, recoveries, and anything else to ensure your business is protected.
  • Hardware and Software Solutions – Our team can help you find the right hardware and programs to keep your daily operations running smoothly.
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Why Choose ITBizTek for your 24/7 IT Support?

Ever since 1998, our team has been helping businesses and organizations across Toronto and the surrounding areas find the ideal solution for their business processes. From server maintenance, cloud backup and remote work setup, we provide you with a full package of IT support services tailored to your business’ needs. Our goal is to help your business through custom solutions that will fuel your growth. We’re here to help you avoid costly downtime that is hindering your success and help you focus on what really matters: growing your business.

  • Our professionals are fully certified to provide a wide range of solutions.
  • We’re always looking for innovative solutions.
  • We’ve been providing IT support services in Toronto for over 20 years.
  • Our 24/7 support services are unmatched.
  • We take pride in our efficient and prompt service.

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    dell IT provider
    vm-ware IT provider
    microsoft IT provider
    fortinet IT provider
    sophos global partner program authorized
    cisco IT provider
    HPE Business Solutions
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