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If the thought of maintaining your IT infrastructure is intimidating, that’s ok. This is the case for many people. That’s why it is essential to find the right Managed Service Provider for your company.

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Managed IT Services Benefits for your Business

Most of our customers already benefit from having us as their Managed Service Provider and having our IT Specialists focus on growing their Small-Medium businesses, without spending all of their time on the day-to-day demands that come with managing an IT infrastructure.

Managed IT services have many benefits. The main one is that you can count on full IT support whenever you need it. With a good Managed Service Provider, you can feel like you are covered and that you have insurance. Here are only some of the advantages of having a full IT Managed Services setup:

• Saving costs & time
Technical support by Trained Experts
Increased efficiency and productivity
Streamlined operations
Improved security and stability
• Round-the-clock support

You can simply focus on your business growth instead of wasting energy on IT matters.

ITBizTek offers full coverage for all your IT needs and consultation whenever you need it. With us, you can feel like you are fully covered and someone is always there to help you. Basically, having a solid IT infrastructure and a reliable IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) at your disposal is the best insurance policy you could have for your business operations.

Our Managed IT Services

Our Clients

Small to Medium

(1-20 Employees)

Startups and small businesses from all industries need an IT service provider that will provide them with the stability and reliability to keep their business running smoothly. ITBizTek provides reliable IT managed services for small to medium sized companies.

Medium to Large

(20-50 Employees)

To keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly without the risk of losing valuable data, medium and large companies need a dependable IT company to support them, regardless of the industry. We provide consistent support for medium and large companies.


(50+ Employees)

It is essential for large enterprises to have a trusted IT service provider, no matter the industry. With consistent backups monitoring and 24/hour IT support, we ensure that large enterprises get the IT services they need to run their business smoothly.

Managed IT Services We Can Provide You

Businesses depend on digital data, which is what makes a reliable IT infrastructure essential to any business. So much of the average company’s assets have been moved to the digital space, and without reliable IT support, a company can grind to a halt because of a virus on their network, faulty software or an unresponsive VPN.

With that in mind, let’s look at the benefits of going with a managed IT service, starting with…

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Preventative Maintenance

As part of our managed IT services, ITBizTek will provide you with several maintenance plans and options. Server maintenance can include a wide range of services, starting from day to day operational tasks to continuous monitoring of server performance to determine issues and inefficiencies. ITBizTek will work with you to establish the level of maintenance you require, based on your business needs and budget. Our main goal is to prevent computer issues from becoming larger problems that result in finacial loss, data loss, business interruptions and costly downtime. As part of our services, we’ll monitor every aspect of your network to identify and resolve issues before they turn into costly problems. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance for your desktops, servers, laptops, switches, firewalls, and anything else in between.

Backup Monitoring

ITBizTek is committed to using advanced tools for all our managed IT services, including backup monitoring. We’ll ensure your data is safe and protected against any threats through managed cloud services and backups.

ITBizTek is highly focused on providing superior backup solutions for your organization, to ensure your data is properly protected and will not be lost. We will work with you to find the optimal backup solution for your business, which will limit any downtime caused by the need to recover lost data. Your peace of mind is ITBizTek’s highest priority. We will implement routine backups, and find the most efficient and reliable backup solution tailored to your organization.

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Data Checking

Your company relies on data to thrive. As part of our managed IT services, we perform regularly scheduled  data consistency checks to detect discrepancies and innacuracies.

In today’s times, data consistency makes all the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business. Inconsistent data can lead to wrong business decissions, which is why accuracy is crucial, especially when aggregating data from various external or internal sources. We’re here to help you stay confident in your business decision making by ensuring your data is 100% accurate.

Real Time Security

If you’re looking for a way to protect your business or organization from IT security threats, we’re here to help. Our real time security services can detect and correct any vulnerabilities in your system and establish a secure infrastructure, protecting you from future threats.

  • We offer 24/7 real time security services
  • We ensure your data remains protected with encryption services
  • Our security analysts provide expert threat intelligence services
  • We offer multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive information
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User Permissions and Managed Desktop

We offer comprehensive managed desktop and IT services that range from remote desk service, device management, infrastructure management and managed cloud services.

Our goal is to help you keep your data fully secure, which is why we offer custom managed desktop solutions for user permissions in order to provide you with full control over employee access. In addition, our multi-factor identification process ensures that sensitive information is never accessed by unauthorized users.

Secure Information With Managed Cloud Services

The average business stores so much information. From client data and product specs to customers’ personal information and vendor data, businesses have a lot of data that needs to be protected. If, for example, you launched a new website design that allows you to collect users’ data, you need to know that their data will remain accessible to you but also private. Our managed cloud solutions were designed just for this purpose.

A professional Managed Service Provider (MSP) can set you up with reliable firewalls and authorization systems. These help ensure that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands because of a security breach. Furthermore, in Canada, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) law governs how organizations collect, use and disclose personal information – something an Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help your business with so you are compliant with the regulations.

When it comes to protecting your data, you have to go with experienced professionals to manage your cloud – you simply can’t get around this. Your employees, customers, partners, vendors, and every other key stakeholder rely on you to have a dependable and robust security system for your business. So let the pros take care of securing your IT needs so you don’t have to worry about it.

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24/7 Managed Network Monitoring

Our team of certified Managed Service Providers (MSP) will provide you with full hardware and software managed network monitoring solutions needed to streamline the response time and ensure a quick resolution of all your IT matters. Our managed network hardware and software monitoring services include:

  • Proactive network monitoring, on and off site
  • On demand performance reporting
  • Server, application and cloud monitoring
  • Hardware monitoring and other managed IT services

Being proactive is always better than being reactive. Someone who is proactive is prepared, meaning they are more likely to avoid catastrophe.

An Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help you be proactive, which is especially important for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to regularly monitor their IT infrastructure. A good and reliable managed IT service can actively monitor your network 24/7.

Since your service provider is actively managing and monitoring your network, they can quickly resolve any issue that comes up. This is great for you because, again, you can focus on growing your business while your IT Managed Service Provider puts out any fires.

Managed Security and Firewall Management

If your business relies on data, a network switch and a firewall are crucial to keeping your business safe. At ITBizTek, we provide businesses just like yours with network-based security solutions that will keep your network secure.

ITBizTek provides managed security solutions for networks of all sizes, as part of our IT managed services in Toronto. Security is an essential part of any network, and we will ensure that your managed security network is safe from breaches through our firewall/switch management services. Furthermore,  we will provide you with optimal managed security solutions, customized to your network.

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Disaster Recovery and Managed Backup

Sometimes bad things happen, which is why it helps to have some kind of business continuity plan. Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) will play a big role in this.

A professional Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide you with cloud solutions for things like emails, CRM solutions, financial systems, and so much more. A reliable IT company with managed backup services can prepare you for any contingency by making you less dependent on your local machine and help you run your business more efficiently in case of unforeseen circumstances.

You want to ensure that should something happen to your local machine, your business can still operate because you can easily recover anything you temporarily lost from the cloud or other source (perhaps offline) depending on your DRP process.

In case of a disaster, ITBizTek will ensure your data is recovered quickly with the use of an efficient and reliable managed backup solution and a disaster recovery plan. Your peace of mind is ITBizTek’s highest priority, and we will ensure your data is well protected and will be recovered should a disaster or any other accident occur.

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all your data is safe and that your business will be running in full continuity with our managed IT services in Toronto.


Your IT infrastructure is unique, just like your business. That’s why you don’t need standardized reports, but rather a tactical approach to your infratsructure documentation. At ITBizTek, we offer a customized solution for your network documentation.

Our custom reports will provide detailed insights into your IT system, including status reports, configuration and inventory statistics, keeping you informed every step of the way on the status of your network and the services you receive.

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Prepare for the Future With Managed Security Operations

This is another benefit that falls into the ‘Let your Managed Service Provider (MSP) worry about it so that you can focus on growing your business’ category with managed security operations.

Most business owners don’t want to think about new trends, systems, programs, innovations, and processes in the IT industry. They simply do not have the time or experience to stay on top of these things. Technology changes a lot and it is important to stay secure with managed security operations from ItBizTek,

This is what your Managed Service Provider (MSP) with advanced managed security operations can do for you. Professional IT firms have their hands on the pulse of the IT industry, so they have the knowledge and expertise to know what new trends and systems might make sense for your business and then can implement programs or processes for you.

Never Worry About Compliance

This is a bit of an extension of the previous section, but is important enough to highlight. As we mentioned before, businesses are increasingly moving all important data into a digital space – and they aren’t the only ones doing this. Pretty much every person on this planet is migrating important information to a digital space.

Because of this trend, we have seen many data privacy laws established by governments across the world (such as PIPEDA that was mentioned earlier). With the help of a managed IT service, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your company adheres to these laws. Your IT partner will help you ensure that your company complies with all relevant data and privacy laws.

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Managed Service Provider Your Can Trust

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can take care of the essential IT tasks that can overwhelm an in-house IT department, like protecting your valuable data, securing your network, monitoring your network, and so much more. With a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP), you don’t have to worry about maintaining your IT infrastructure. You can just focus on growing your business.

If you are thinking that it is time to enlist a professional Managed Service Provider (MSP) to manage your IT infrastructure, then get in touch with the experts at ITBizTek. Our Managed Service Providers work with small, medium and large businesses, and they are ready to help you so your business can thrive. You can contact their head office at 1 (877) 275-8774 or by visiting their website to get a quote.  

  • Certified professionals
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Innovative solutions
  • Superior customer service
  • Prompt and reliable service

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