Case Study: Virtual Server Migration

case study about virtual server migration

We had a big client reach out to us about their current server setup. This client has a large office with multiple locations, and had an existing infrastructure. However, their servers were very outdated. This client was looking to get rid of the servers and move the data to the cloud.

How We Migrated Data to a Virtual Server

We helped this client by offering them a hosting service that they could connect to remotely. 

This required us to: 

  • Remove their existing server setup 
  • Setup a dedicated server in our data centre
  • Host a virtual server

This client was using an accounting software called Sage. We provided them with a dedicated virtual server for their company in our secure data centre. With this setup, the accountant is able to remotely connect to the server to access all the data.

This service is also very beneficial for clients because they can get rid of any existing servers on site and create more room in their work environment. For this client specifically, this was very important because the room with their existing servers was very small with poor ventilation and a lot of boxes, which can actually be very dangerous. 

This client was also using another server as a CRM application with a software called Caseware. This software also requires a beefed up server, so we also provided them with a hosting environment for that server. 

Benefits of a Virtual Server

This job greatly benefited the client and made all of their future work simpler and more efficient. 

The advantages of hosting virtual servers with an MSP is the data is on a dedicated server inside a secure data centre that is backed up daily. The speed is always there because data centres have high speed internet, and these data centres include proper cooling and proper power. 

As well, virtual servers save clients money. They don’t have to buy and pay upfront fees for a server. Instead, it translates into small monthly fees, which is much more affordable. This is becoming a very critical service now, because clients don’t want to buy a server and put it in their home or office, with the safety risk of theft occurring, and it is much more affordable!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to IT is that every client is different in their needs, so no job is the same. This means our team always has to pay close attention to detail to get the job done right! Our IT experts have the knowledge and experience to set up businesses with all sorts of IT needs. If you need help, we invite you to get in touch with us today at (416) 342-1568.

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