Case Study: Install New Server Solution Setup

itbiztek case study: install new server solution setup

Server Solutions For Your Business

With technology evolving every day, it is imperative that your business keeps up with the ever-changing trends so they do not fall behind. Organizations that still use older hardware may fall victim to software incompatibility which can hinder their growth. Updating your system to a more secure digital environment means better data protection, scalability, and accessibility for your company. IT covers a wide range of elements (hardware, network management, data processing software, security, etc.). You should make each of these elements a point of emphasis when upgrading to a new system.

In this case study, we will explore how updating to a newer server setup improved efficiency in the workforce for a non-profit organization. We will also mention 5 signs that indicate it is time to update your business technology

Upgrading Your Servers With ITBizTek

A client in Toronto reached out to us regarding their current IT setup. They wanted to integrate a new accounting software called QuickBooks into their workforce. However, the program was not compatible with their current setup. They did not realize how their current IT system needed to be upgraded. Day-to-day tasks were becoming more challenging because the client was using an external USB hard drive to store all their data, which meant accessibility of data across the organization was a huge challenge. If that hard drive crashed, all their data would be lost. It is not recommended to use an external USB hard drive to store business data because there is no efficient way of backing that data up or securing it.

When things seem to be working for a certain period of time, companies often don’t recognize the need for change. Technology is one aspect that requires routine updating and maintenance. When ignored for a while it can cause severe damage to your workforce. When we did a thorough IT assessment, the results showed that the client was in dire need of proper data protection, segregated systems for their phones, computers, and a secure server for their company data. 

What We Did For The Client:

  • Configured new local and cloud backups
  • Migrated all their data to a new secure server
  • Installed an antivirus software
  • Secured all company data
  • Segregated phone system and computer systems onto separate networks

The new system we proposed and built for this client allowed them to run their workforce more efficiently. Data accessibility, security, and storage were no longer an issue. If the client chooses to further advance their technology, with the new server setup they have the freedom to do so. The new system is compatible with most software available in the market. 

Today, technology is changing the way businesses operate at a rapid pace. It’s critical for you to keep your company functioning as smoothly as possible, and old technology might seriously damage productivity. Fortunately, it’s simple to determine when it’s time to upgrade. 

Take a look at your company and see whether any of the five indicators below suggest that you need to update your IT infrastructure.


When a firm is expanding rapidly, it must make numerous adjustments, including technological ones. With an increase in workers, offices, and possibilities, you’ll need to use different IT and management systems appropriate for bigger businesses. Establish a financial plan to ensure you don’t waste money on technology that won’t serve your business needs. You should purchase something that is both cost-effective and adaptable to your company’s expansion.


Security is critical for your company, and if it is jeopardized in any manner, it’s time to upgrade your business technology. Older technology is more prone to security breaches because it runs on older or less compatible antivirus software. Outdated software can put your customers’ and company’s personal information at risk, resulting in major consequences. Hackers are always coming up with new methods to steal data, so it is critical that you keep your system updated in order to avoid becoming a cybercrime victim.


Old technology may be holding your organization back. If your computers or network are too slow or unreliable, it’s time to upgrade them. Whatever the case may be, your technology is blocking your productivity and quality, which can be aggravating for both clients and employees. In this scenario, it’s critical to obtain feedback from workers and supervisors on what problems they’re having. Then, seek help from an IT specialist to identify the problem and devise a strategy for moving forward.


It’s critical to update your software as soon as new versions become available. The software may become obsolete if it isn’t updated, and it may also cause your system to malfunction. Be sure to take action when you receive notifications that an update is available.


Don’t forget to look at your technology, too, if you’ve decided to move in a new direction with your company. Whether you’re looking to start a new business or expand your current one, technology can help you get there.

As your company grows, so do your technological needs. If any of these indications resonate with your company, it’s time to upgrade it.

At ITBizTek, we examine your present IT infrastructure to determine whether it meets the demands of your business. Before providing you with a comprehensive IT solution that is suited for your business, we consider the security, complexity, speed, mobility, and cost of the technology design best suited for your organization. We understand that each business has its unique needs when it comes to technology. We like to work with our clients hand in hand to help them reach the maximum potential of their workforce.