Case Study: Install New Server Solution Setup

itbiztek case study: install new server solution setup

We had a non-profit client reach out to us for some help with their computer setup. They were using a regular computer to run QuickBooks for their organization. You cannot run programs of the sort from just a regular computer, so we suggested we help them by installing a new server setup instead.

What We Did for The Client

We helped this client install a server to run their programs from instead of the regular computer they were using before. 

This required us to: 

  • Migrate them from the computer to a server solution
  • Install new cloud managed antivirus
  • Setup new hard drive
  • Segregate phone system and computer system to separate networks

This project gave the client the ability to better run their organization and be more protected overall.

This client was using an external USB hard drive. This is not good because if the hard drive fails, there is nothing else with that data on it, and you have to deal with more downtime while trying to fix the issue. When you run any type of organization or company, don’t use external hard drives to store all the data.

As well, this client did not have a proper antivirus, as they were only using the free version from Microsoft. This does not provide enough protection. We installed a cloud managed antivirus, which protects you in real time from ransomware,  malware, and viruses. A proper antivirus system is essential to have proper protection. The free versions of antiviruses are never good, for home or business. 

Finally, this client had their phones and the computer data connected all in one network. This can lead to performance issues with the phone line. The proper way to have this setup is to segregate the phone systems to a separate network. 

Completed New Server Solution

This job made working a lot easier for this client! A new server is a much better setup than what they were using before, and now they can feel safe and confident with their data. 

A server is recommended for many different reasons. For example, servers have different technologies that allow it to continue running even if the hardware or something else fails. If a power supply fails, the second power supply will kick in right away. There are lots of systems in a server that are extremely beneficial to organizations and the way they are able to run. 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to IT is that every client is different in their needs, so no job is the same. This means our team always has to pay close attention to detail to get the job done right! Our IT experts have the knowledge and experience to set up businesses with all sorts of IT needs. If you need help, we invite you to get in touch with us today at (416) 342-1568.

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