5 Signs Your Business Needs an IT Company

business needs it company

Perhaps you have heard of Managed IT Services but you are either unsure or adamant that your business does not require such services. Before you write off such services as unnecessary, it’s important to consider whether any of these signs apply to you. Here are the top signs that your business does, in fact, need the help of an IT company.

Too Much Downtime

There are few things more frustrating in a business today than technology that simply does not work! Slow or unreliable systems can make life difficult for you and your employees. Not to mention the fact that your customers will become frustrated too! When customers see that you are not even willing to invest in your own business, it can be a red flag and they will be that much more tempted to reach out to your competitors. So, if you are currently experiencing excessive downtime, it’s time to take action. These tech problems will only get worse with time which is why fast solutions are essential.

Poor or Lack of Backups

it expertsBusiness assets are not limited to physical property such as computers and similar goods. Assets can also be found in the form of information. When you lose information, it can result in a significant loss in revenue. You could lose important information such as unpaid invoices or client data. This means that there is no way for you to track payments or the lack thereof. The loss of client data can make it difficult for you to follow up and make sales calls which would otherwise help promote your business. In addition, if your system is not secure, customers might be concerned about providing you with their details in the event of a security breach. ITBizTek’s Managed IT Services package ensures the proper backup of data and the protection of sensitive information. If you struggle with backing up business data or if you have experienced a data breach, it might be time to look into our Disaster Recovery Services.

No Secure Access

This point ties in somewhat with the one above. Online security is absolutely essential these days. Hackers are constantly working to trick systems and compromise sensitive information. Client information, banking details and even trade secrets could be let out of the bag if not properly protected. Our dedicated team will ensure that you don’t lose sleep over the potential of cyber attacks. If you have been the victim of such an attack or if your current security measures are minimal at best, contact a professional at ITBizTek today.

No Dedicated IT Person

Having an in-house IT expert means that you will need to pay them a monthly salary along with all the usual benefits. In addition, many companies do not just require the assistance of a single IT professional. Managing your business effectively requires multiple professionals working together. The financial implications alone are the top reason why so many companies neglect this part of their business. If you do not have an in-house IT professional, you should consider managed IT services.

IT Budget is Unpredictable

If your IT budget fluctuates dramatically from month to month, you should look into managed IT services. These services are unlimited and they come at a set rate. This means that you can do your costing without too many question marks! Knowing how much you will spend each month on various business expenses helps you budget and plan accordingly. So, if your current IT budget varies from month to month, you should consider an option that will help you stick to a set rate.

At ITBizTek, our team specializes in providing speedy and reliable managed IT services. We work proactively to keep your business secure and running smoothly. Contact us today at 1 (877) 275-8774 to discuss your requirements and get a FREE estimate.