Why is IT Security More Important Now Than Ever?

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As the modern business world continues to grow and adapt to technology, there are countless amount of companies all over the world that have shifted their data centers from locally controlled servers to cloud-based services. Cloud-based services are unique in that they give corporations and organizations the ability to securely access their sensitive company information from anywhere. No longer having to worry about power outages or security breaches, it enables businesses to shift their resources and focus on more important projects. So not only are cloud-based services ultimately as convenient and economical as ever, but they also increase productivity and streamline operations. The sensitive data that is stored on the cloud requires encryption and data protection. Not only is your data stored on the cloud, but so is the data of your customers, suppliers, competitors, etc. This data is critical to the success and growth of any type of business, which is why IT Security is more important now than ever.

Protecting your Data

From small projects to massive confidential financial spreadsheets, all data big and small are an incredibly important part of a successful business. Foreign breaches, leaks, viruses, and server failures are common issues as to why sensitive data is lost or destroyed. ITBizTek is an Information Technology firm that will ensure that all of your data is protected, and in the case of any unforeseeable disaster- all of your data will always be backed up.

Safeguard Your Identity

Your identity can access a lot more than we know or often think about. You can open a bank account, buy a house, and start a new job. It is no surprise that identity theft is rising around the world as the internet becomes more and more dominant. As technology and security become more advanced around the world, your face is quickly becoming a representation of your online presence and identity. You can use your camera on modern laptops and smartphones to unlock your device. Soon you might be able to unlock your car or house with similar facial recognition technology. This means that protecting your face and therefore your digital identity is becoming more and more important. The more advanced this software technology becomes the more you need to secure it.

Secure Your Business

There are multiple ways ITBizTek can help your business become more secure, from network firewalls to two-factor authentication, we have all the right systems and advanced encryption to help secure your business. We have a full range and suite of managed IT services to create custom IT service plans for you and your business.

Shelter Your Customers

Customers really do trust businesses and corporations in the 21st century with all sorts of sensitive and private data, from credit card data to personal addresses and information. Modern organizations have a moral and ethical obligation to keep this data safe. ITBizTek utilizes a plethora of different software technologies and online secure storage options to add additional layers of security for your customer’s data. Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, and Dropbox; whichever unique software meets your business needs, we will utilize it to help shelter your precious data.

Work Remote But Stay Connected

ITBizTek is committed to always keeping you connected to your network at all times by offering a full suite of mobile network management tools and services such as VPNs and mobile device management. You, as a business owner, should have complete control over your network regardless of where you are. It is important to monitor the active devices in case of breaches, see how much traffic is happening over your network, and be able to enable or restrict access remotely. As more positions have the ability to work remotely, it is also important to protect your employees and their personal data the same you would your own.

From extensive and robust data backup systems to mobile device management and everything in between, ITBizTek is here to manage all your IT services and ultimately keep you secure 24/7, 365. Contact ITBizTek to learn more about how we can help protect your business, network, and customer data.